What is BuyOptix
A Technology platform designed to deliver digital information through physical products.
Our Vision
To blend and merge the consumer commerce world of physical product and digital experience.
Who is BuyOptix For:
Consumers who like to Discover, Experience, and Share
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Coming Q4, 2017
Augmented Reality will be as Big as the iPhone. ~ Tim Cook, Apple CEO
Your smartphone camera won’t just see what you see, but will also understand what you see to help you take action. ~ Google
Hard for those guys to be wrong huh?

What is BuyOptix

BuyOptix™ is a Tech Platform that connects consumer and physical goods in a new way. We use augmented reality and your mobile device to drive sales and engagement through known brands. Why? Because we all want to be Iron Man, is that so much to ask? 

ver wish your favorite sports drink would spring to life and let you know you’ve won a 12 pack? What about scanning your buddy’s shirt and watching the logo give you the rundown of why his swag is “so fly?” We believe in challenging the status-quo of what is, and aim towards speedily bringing in the reality of “what’s next.” The world is changing around us, faster than we can put on glasses or catch Pokèmon through a phone, and it’s about to get a whole lot bigger right from the comfort of your everyday atmosphere.

That’s where we come in. We know how to connect consumers and experience. So why not make the transition of connecting your favorite physical products, apparel, accessories, electronics, yes, even Fidget toys – the things that you love to use everyday, even more of an experience – and allow that to be doorway to a unique world of commerce that is, wait for it…Fun. A Tsunami of augmented expansion is coming, and we can either ride the way – or get swept away by it.

We connect Consumers and their Favorite Physical goods.
We do it differently, exposing a unique Augmented reality experience. 
We help everyone feel like Iron Man. Digital is the new Sexy.

What does the Future hold? 

2.2B+ SmartPhone Users
$120B+ = 36 Mo.
Augmented Reality Projections
% Market Validation
BuyOptix™ is coming, and we want you to be there with us when it does. You can check back here for more updates or follow along with us on our MISSION: Prenr Page Here.