Element99 began with a glass of whiskey and a whiteboard, searching for ideas that could impact a whole subculture. As a holding company, Element99, LLC is the home to several up and coming product brands; Prenr, Trove, BuyOptix, and Generation Hero. Each product brand has it’s own competency but assists in the overall vision of Element99.


Help entrepreneurs reach their goals through passion, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. It is our mission to provide a symbol of trust for entrepreneurs, one that can be incorruptible and everlasting.

5 Great Values

  • Publish Great Content
  • Build Great Products
  • Be Great Communicators
  • Provide Great Services
  • Build A Great Community
Chris R. Jones
Element99, LLC

“My passion is to build the greatest entrepreneurial brand in the world” “My vision is to always believe we can build a brand that makes a difference” and “My mission is to help entrepreneurs reach their goals through passion, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of innovation”.

-Chris Jones

Discover Our Product Brands
TROVE™ is a marketplace based on social curation, a network of people and the products they use every single day. In today’s culture, we are connected to others through powerful social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. With the introduction of TROVE™, you can be socially connected to people based on the products they are using, buying and experiencing now.
Together… We’re Changing The World

“Teamwork is the essence of our craft, where you have the many, acting as one.
You become selfless.” – Element

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