How It Works
TROVE™ is a marketplace based on social curation, a network of people and the products they use every single day. In today’s culture, we are connected to others through powerful social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. With the introduction of TROVE™, you can be socially connected to people based on the products they are using, buying and experiencing now.


Snapping a picture of your favorite moment is familiar but different, capturing more than just a picture.


Trove helps connect the things you are using with cutting-edge image and audio recognition. Multi-layer technology allows item commentary and shopping.


Share your stuff with experiences while others discover products based on similar interests or “cash-tags”.


Product advertisers reward consumers for sharing their brand and products on Trove by giving them a piece of the action.

Trove Features
Capture More
Trove is familiar but different, capturing more than just your pictures. Snap a photo and connect the stuff you are using in real-time.
Smart Photo’s Do More
Trove automatically detects your products, brands, even the colors of the items in your pictures. Simply snap a shot and let Trove find what your using.
Talk About It
Every item inside Trove has it's own feed allowing for unlimited product discussions, based on real life applications. Comment, share, and shop right inside the content.
A More Natural Way To Shop
Trove automatically connects your items to the largest ecommerce store in the world, Amazon. Search for "Justin Timberlake sunglasses at the Grammy's" and buy them right off his head.
Engage With More
Trove uses Muli-Layer technology to create interactive elements inside your photo's. Tell people your impressions of your new phone or comment on theirs.
Discovery Reimagined
Search for others with similar interests or decide what color shoes to buy based on how others are wearing them. Trove redefines how we discover and interact with the products we use.
TROVE™ combines social commerce and curation to bring people and product together in new ways.
Interactive Content
Every item inside your content is a discussion feed. Share and comment on specific items, not just boring pictures.
Smart Browsing
Discover, share, and shop inside Trove content without ever lifting a finger. Never leave the browsing experience... Ever!
Social Participation
I.M.O. (In My Opinion) posts allow your followers to participate in your purchase decisions by giving feedback on your specific content.
Share and Earn
Trove cuts out the middleman by connecting advertisers and consumers together, resulting in the first global consumer network that pays to share.
Social Commerce is “ok” at best, It’s not great – yet!
of all purchases are subject to social influence.
spend more online after recommendations.
conversion rate for Facebook shares leading to a purchase.
spent in social commerce marketplaces
One Unified Network
TROVE™ serves as a social hub for people to share the things they use and love while connecting with others that have similar product interests. Users get to take advantage of this apparent DNA deep cycle by earning referral commissions and rewards on the products they already use and share.
Asking Isn’t Enough

Advertisers are asking consumers to share their products but the process does not work for them.

The Middleman Must Go

Affiliates and website owners are paid for sharing products to consumers.

A Natural Fit

Consumers are already sharing the things they use, but it’s chaos and they’re not rewarded from advertisers, the pubs are.

Chris Jones

We want to know what others think of the things we use. We also want to know what others are using and buying. We discover and buy products based on what people are using every day… TROVE™ is the new window into discovery shopping that let’s everyone participate in the process.

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We believe we are building a great product for you to share the things you use everyday. When it comes to products and our experiences with them, we prefer to say things our way…

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